How to reach your highest potential after brain injury.

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About the author

“Holding on to Hope, Finding the ‘New You’ after a Traumatic Brain Injury” details Nicole’s journey from a probability of death or life in a vegetative state, to a career as a successful Rehabilitation Consellor.

Based on her lived experience with the challenges of a severe Traumatic Brain Injury from age 16, Nicole has used a negative prognosis as a powerful motivator to ‘prove those Doctors wrong!’ If you are wanting to reach your potential after a brain injury, or you are caring for a person with a brain injury then this book is for you!

Taking care of the Carer

Increasing productivity

Coping with fatigue

Injury disclosure to Employers

Increasing your empowerment

Coping with fatigue

Assisting the brain-injured person during all phases of care

Optimise your tools and resources to improve your daily life

Advocating within health care systems

Managing short-term memory and concentration issues

Throughout this book you will find strategies on:

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