Holding On To Hope

Finding the 'New You' after a Traumatic Brain Injury

This book  will help you build the foundations for:

  • Managing short-term memory and concentration issues

  • Increasing independence

  • Coping with fatigue

  • Reducing isolation

  • Increasing productivity

  • Increasing your empowerment

  • Injury disclosure to Employers

  • Assisting the brain-injured person during acute and non-acute phases of care

  • Advocating within health care systems

  • Taking care of the Carer

If you are wanting to reach your potential, this book is a must read.


Motivational Keynote Speaker

Nicole has been motivating injured workers within the occupational rehabilitation industry for 15 years. Her ability to motivate others comes from a wealth of resilience and determination to overcome seemingly impossible health and personal crises throughout her life. From a prognosis of death or life in a vegetative state, to a thriving Author, Rehabilitation Counsellor and Mediator, Nicole can inspire your team to reach their highest potential.

Each presentation will be tailored to your brief, business needs and desired outcomes.

Transferable Skills Assessment

Transferable skills are the skills we have which may be transferable to multiple different environments. Transferable skills can include both soft and hard skills. Having a good awareness of your own transferable skills can help you make decisions on employment roles which will set you up for success.


The Transferable Skills Assessment will enable you to identify your key strengths in relation to the skills you may be able to transfer to suitable employment options.

Career Assessment & Report

  • A formal career assessment with focus on your greatest work strengths, interests, task preferences, career satisfaction ratings and career options;

  • A formal report clarifying all of the above

  • You will need access to a computer to complete this assessment.

If you are not sure what sort of work you want to do, you are considering a career change and need some inspiration to guide your career choices, this is the complete career planning tool.  This package includes:

Mindset & Memory Boosting Workshop

In this 3 part workshop you will learn about:

  • How to increase your brains capacity for healing and neuroplasticity

  • Setting positive action plans based around your most important brain health goals

  • Strategies to better manage short-term memory issues, concentration issues and low self-esteem.

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Brisbane QLD, Australia

Retiink App

This App is designed specifically for people who have experienced a brain injury.

The benefits of the App include:

  • Enables management of tasks and responsibilities with a higher level of independence

  • Improved memory and concentration skills

  • An ability to track your progress

  • An information resource to keep up to date with research and education on resources to aid brain injury rehabilitation

  • Enables communication between preferred parties to aid in health care

Coming soon in app stores

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